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Charity is a token of kindness where a person who owns more than enough of what he or she needs contributes a part of his or her surplus income for the flourishment of those who are desperate.

Charity exists in various forms. The broader concept of charity is donating money to an organisation; governmental and non-governmental for the satisfaction of the purpose for which it has been established.

There are many charitable organisations all around the globe; you just need to find out who deserves your help the most. There are charitable organisations for the physically disabled and the mentally disturbed, for the destitute, for educating the uneducated, for uplifting the stature of women in the society and many more. It is good if one can contribute economically but if an individual is interested, he or she can actively handle such charitable organisations as volunteers thus coordinating the internal affairs of the organisation. Almost anyone who finds in a better side financially can contribute money and any other goods but not everyone posses the patience and the capability to work for a charitable organisation. It is essential to note that charity does not only mean contributing to a charitable organisation.

There goes a famous saying “Charity begins at home.” This is an old saying with a deep hidden meaning inside. This means that it is not enough to contribute goods and money to charitable organisations alone. If your own grandmother is lying on the bed and you do not serve her and instead are interested in helping a charitable organisation, you surely do not understand the true meaning of charity.

Old Age Homes are rapidly increasing in and around Kerala leading to turbulent situations where parents are abandoned for the selfish needs of their children who have prospered enough to be themselves, have reached to an extent where they can exist with no support from parents, need nothing of their nourishment and have selflessly grown to a situation from where the sight of their very parents who have sacrificed all their life for their children’s betterment lay ignored. All their care, love and sacrifice remain so belittle and imparts no meaning in the eyes of their children. However, it should be highly regarded that your children grow up seeing how you behave to your parents and how you leave them as a destitute who desperately search for help and empathy and it should be made specific that your karma will hunt you back and all the pain that your parents had to once go through will be bestowed back to you and then you will realise the struggle and its aftermath that rains upon you. Moreover, the most regretful part is you will not be given a chance to repent which is the most unbearable feeling any human can face.

Old age homes in Kerala can better take an insight from Gandhibhavan which showcases one of the best old age homes in Kerala and let us give back what we thrived once! Love and take care of your parents who sacrificed all for you!

May 18, 2019, posted by Admin


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