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When Charity Bestows Humanity!

The secular home situated in the serene background of Kallada River has an ounce of hope mingled with goodwill bestowed to each destitute and helpless who needs a helping hand. Gandhibhavan stands strong in providing it in the best possible way, has never laid back in terms of race, religion, gender or creed and has remained wide and open to all inmates and the needy who relies on the institute.

The estranged people find a peaceful abode in the shelter for women, children and aged people in the heartily welcomed charitable trust in Kollam. Gandhibhavan not only rescues the newborns who have been discarded by their own parents but also provides them with the best possible education, all day nutritious meals, complete healthcare and mostly needed love, nourishment and a feeling of longingness which each child desperately needs and adores.

Providing a helping hand and giving them hope is the undulating event that takes no compromise in Gandhibhavan, a phenomenal charitable home in Kerala, that provides a handful of socially relevant and reformatory tasks that can rejuvenate the vibes of humanity and instil perseverance among the lost minds. In addition to physical nourishment, Gandhibhavan has not backed from the significance of mental health and provides proper care and assistance for the mentally retarded people who have been estranged by their family members and has worked consistently for their betterment and in finding mental peace back again.

In addition, Gandhibhavan provides hostage to physically challenged inmates and assists the sexually assaulted women in regaining their inner peace, recovering their mental health and heralding a comeback to their lives. There exists a shelter for women and makes them self-empowered with satisfactory jobs and makes them potential entrepreneurs with appropriate training. Children are also given quality education needed to combat the millennium pressure and also aids them in emerging into the society as effective civilians and are made harbingers of social reformation and total well-being.

In addition, specially gifted children can access education and training from special schools in Kollam and there are well-nurtured and maintained children homes to aid the juveniles in handling the rage and waves of imbalances in their adolescences with proper counselling and guidance. The most rejoicing moments with the loved ones are to celebrate some of the occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. Similarly, well-wishers take part in Gandhibhavan’s Prayer Services, in memory of their loved ones and enjoy a meal with the inmates. It may be a unique experience in your whole life and would like to invite all to be a part of this experience.

It is with pride and privilege that we confide that Gandhibhavan has remained the most legitimate and accountable social service venue for ages and will continue in its legacy commemorating the sagas of the Mahatma, reciprocating his foretells and practising it more definitely to restore humanity and fraternity. Gandhibhavan breathes a new life to lost souls that are at the verge of extinction!

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