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Support Our New Projects
Proposed Budget: $91,560.00

Project details: The second wave of COVID 19 has hit Kerala badly and the state is heading an explosion in COVID-19 cases. Experts say that the state has to pay a high price for relaxing COVID vigil during the recent assembly election campaign. The Election campaigns, road shows, increased number of participation in ceremonies & celebrations, people became very relaxed and started moving out without following the protocols are the major cause of the fast spread of the Infections. Now the Pandemic situation in Kerala state is perilous. The second wave Covid-19 started on 14th April. Active COVID-19 cases had registered a 255% increase in the last 14 days. The infection graph continues to climb. Exotic and mutant strains of the virus have spawned new cases. The virus threatened to overwhelm the State’s finite health resources. The rising tide of infection can cause the COVID-19 death rate to spike. The situation in Kerala is alarming with the total number of COVID -19 cases confirmed 14,60,365 among them 2,66,646 cases are in inactive state. Per day more than 35000 new cases are reporting and the total death is 5211. To prevent the massive spread. State government has declared partial lockdowns and containment zones. The massive community spread and a sharp rise in cases have created an unprecedented situation, with many COVID-19 care hospitals being jam-packed and failing to accommodate new cases.

The state has a “frightening inadequacy” of Intensive Care Units (ICU) and ventilator support facilities. In the second wave the virus is spread in the lungs and the main symptom of COVID-19 is breathlessness. Majority of the COVID affected cases need oxygen support for breathing. So the hospitals are facing scarcity of oxygen cylinders. The government started vaccination for Elders and people above 45 years of age. But due to scarcity of vaccine, only 22.2% of the targeted population was covered. The people in the community have not completely recovered the socio-economic equilibrium of the families in the first wave of COVID 19 and the second wave has created more challenges. The majority of the people have lost their jobs in unorganized & organized sectors. This resulted in a miserable condition in the life of marginalized sections of elders, women especially the lactating and pregnant women, children, persons with disabilities, migrants, destitute, and other marginalized groups. In this grave situation, we need to address the health emergency needs of the marginalized people and strengthen the existing health system to overcome the difficulties in the treatment of covid-19 affected people and reduce the death rate. The following are the emergency needs to save the life of people in Kerala state.

Emergency needs to address:-
• Supply of Oxygen Cylinders in the Hospitals.
• Help Desk service.
• Ambulance service.
• Distribution of Steam inhalers.
• Distribution of Oxy pulse meters.
• PPE kits for health workers.
• Vehicle for Awareness Campaign.
• Food kits for quarantine and COVID affected marginalized Families.
• Hygiene kits (Mask, Hand wash and Sanitizer) for quarantine andCOVID affected marginalized Families.

Proposed Budget: $292,031.00

Project Details: The proposed project is construction of new school building including Class Rooms, therapy centre, physiotherapy centre, vocational training centre and play ground for Gandhibhavan Special School that caters to the special needs of the children with cerebral palsy, autism and other types of mental and physical disabilities. Gandhibhavan started the Special School in 2006 which approved by Department of Education, Government of Kerala. This year 224 students are studying in the school. Our aim through the construction of new modernized school building is to provide residential education, care and support to more mentally and physically challenged children (approximately 500 mentally challenged children) in Kollam & Pathanamthitta Districts.

In the present situation they are staying in houses without getting education due to poverty and helplessness of family members. Gandhibhavan has two school buses and two vans for transporting the students within a radius of 60 km from various parts of both the districts. Free Education, Accommodation, Counselling, Medical Check-ups, Therapies, Entertainment activities and Skill Development training are the benefits to such children.

Proposed Budget: $27,154

Project Details
• Financial empowerment of the domestic violence victims, widows and rural women.
• Help the project beneficiaries to find out regular income to live alone.
• Provide counselling and mental support.
• Assist the domestic violence victim to start tailoring unit.
• Enable beneficiaries to lead family and children from the front.
• Enable beneficiaries to overcome all crises.

Description of Project
In order to achieve the objectives of the project Gandhibhavan International Trust proposes to establish skill development training centre for domestic violence victims, widows and rural women. The Centre will conduct a three- month computer training course and tailoring course for the beneficiaries.
1) Computer Training and
2) Tailoring & Stitching
For Each
Duration of course - 90days
Theory hours -180hrs
Essential Practical hours - 270 hrs
No. of beneficiaries per batch-20
No. of beneficiaries per year- 80

Proposed Budget: $64,908.72

Project Details: Run the home for Disabled persons with basic amenities including vocational training, counselling, therapy, physiotherapy, yoga, medical treatment and meditation for positive changes among the disabled persons.

1. Accommodate all types of disabled persons
2. Provide food, cloth, medical treatment, counselling, vocational training and basic amenities for 200 beneficiaries
3. Ensure recreation and various indoor and outdoor activities
4. Ensure vocational trainings and various therapies to inmates
5. Ensure walker, wheel chairs and other helpful items to disabled persons
6. Ensure welfare activities to disabled persons

Proposed Budget: $1,00,443

Project Details
Need Assessment of the Vocational Training Center
Gandhibhavan has registered as rehabilitation Centre under PWD Act and registered as vocational training center under State Government. The Centre is providing treatment and lifelong care to the disabled persons. Gandhibhavan has 15 years experience in the rehabilitation activities of disabled persons. The District Collector, Court, social workers and other government institutions are referring disabled persons to Gadhibhavan per day. There is no grant from government for the home of disabled persons. There is no professional staff for managing disabled persons except doctors and nurses. As the inmates of Gandhibhavan, many disabled persons are residing in their homes. All of them are facing difficulties to find out income for livelihood. A systematic vocational training course will help the disabled persons to find out a genuine income for their livelihood. In this context, Gandhibhavan would like to submit a project proposal of Vocational Training Centre for Disabled Persons.Gandhibhavan has approved as Vocational Training Center under Govt. of Kerala.

Objectives of Training centre
1) Provide Vocational trainings and empower the disabled persons
2) Stand for Social Justice, Equality and Equal Opportunities
3) Bring the PWD persons to mainstream
4) Eliminate the discrimination from family and society
5) Empower Physically, Economically and Mentally
6) Ensure entertainment
7) Ensure placement after training

Implementation of Vocational training Center
Gandhibhavan will be given advertisement in newspapers for inviting applications from disabled persons as day scholars for vocational training. The disabled inmates of Gandhibhavan will be the members of this training. The vocational training center will be supported by NCVT approved training center. The two NCVT approved trade courses will be given to beneficiaries as course model .The class will be 5 days per week. After successful training the certificate will be issued to the beneficiaries. Gandhibhavan has own vehicles for the conveyance for day school beneficiaries. After successful training, Gandhibhavan will be ensured placement for beneficiaries with the support of other agencies.

Output of Project
1. Empowering disabled persons for self-employment
2. Uplift of living conditions of disabled persons

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