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About Us
Dream & Vision of -Dr. Punalur Somarajan

The history of Gandhibhavan is the life story of Dr. Punalur Somarajan. His entry into the world of charity wasn’t haphazard. Rajan was an orphan of sorts. He lost his mother Saradha in his early childhood making him yearn for motherly affection and kisses of love. So he thought everyone whom he saw lying on wayside unnoticed by anyone lacked what he lacked – A mothers love. As a result the destitute whom he met on his way to school grab his attention and haunted his mind. While in the classroom or sitting in front of the lunch box or buckling down to study his mind was overwhelmed by this single thought – “what makes someone an orphan?”

Chellappan, Rajan’s father was also a Samaritan. Rajan used to see his father bringing the poor and drifters home. He bathed them, gave a pair of clothes and a square. When Rajan grew up into Dr. Somarajan, he found the answer which magged him in his childhood. That answer morphed in to a more practical solution to the question. That is Gandhibhavan. A great institution which strives to blot out the word “orphan” from our social discourse. It is virtually an asylum for many.

Trust Members
Dr. Punalur Somarajan
Secretary & Managing Trustee
Adv. N Somarajan
Trustee and Chairman

The Chairman. He is a graduate in Law. Legal Advisor of the Trust. He also looks after the functioning of Neethibhavan.

Sri. Vijayan Ambadi
Trustee and Manager

Manager of Gandhibhavan International Trust. He looks after the general management of the Trust.

Sri. PS Amalraj
Trustee & Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman and the Chief editor of Gandhibhavan, Publications and Sneharajayam, Powradhwani and Arogyasathram periodicals.

Sri. G Harish Kumar
Trustee & Assistant Secretary

Holding the appointement of Assistant Secretary.. He is responsible for all type of documentation. He is the Public Information Officer as Per Right to Information Act..

Smt. Prasanna Rajan
Trustee & Manager

Wife, Dr. Punalur Somarajan. She is the Mother of this Big Family of 1200 members. She manages the Spick-and-Span Kitchen of Gandhibhavan wherein food for more than 2000 people prepares for four times every day.

Sri. K Udaya Kumar
Trustee and Manager

A post graduate in Commerce. Holding the appointment of Accounts General Manager. He is responsible for the management of all type of accounts. He is the Assistant Public Information Officer as Per Right to Information Act.

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